ChargeHub Responsive website

MogileTech website redesign

Red Skies – Full Album Stream Video FX for Youtube

Red Skies – Iron Sun Video FX project

Warwick eCommerce – Concept

Korg Canada – Redesign

Erikson Music – Redesign

JAM Website Redesign

JAM HR Intranet

Portfolio site – Horizontally oriented

This is the ePortfolio of Chris Coffin’s Web Design work to date. There will be many additions in the new future as I’ve began undertaking many more projects, and plan to expand my skills & abilities through designing vastly differing styles of websites, with a large range of functionality and styles.

I’m quite well versed in Front-End Web Design, which in short, basically means that I’m much more visual, than technical. I will not be able to custom code you a database program, iOs application or anything along those lines.

What I can do, is design site that is clean & intuitive, aesthetically phenomenal, and cross-platform compatible, so that you can rest assured that the most possible people will have access to your website, at all times.

I have recently begun specializing in WordPress-based sites, as I’m really taking a liking to the workflow, and the ease-of-use of a lot of the plug-and-play aspects. Also, when it comes down to it, I am able to use my vast knowledge of CSS & HTML to customize something to an exact specification.

If you’re interested in my services, head on over to the contact page to view the pricing & send me any inquiries through the form.

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