Bass Music Animal

I'm FAWKZ, a Montreal based producer & performer. I have been producing EDM for the past 3 years, and have recently begun to market my skills both as a musician, and on the technical aspects of production (Mixing & mastering).

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This is WILD, my first EP, It was released early 2014. It was a self-release, which was given out for free (mostly to generate a fanbase). I’m still impressed by the quality of this EP every time I listen , often times I have trouble believing that in just a few short years, I had developed such skill & talent for music production, and mixing & mastering. It had become clear to me that I have somewhat of a knack for producing bass music, and I imagine that this will be just the first chapter in an otherwise lengthy and riveting story.

Here is a collection of some other music of mine, most of which are Works in Progress that are subject to a great deal of change before an official release, but just to give you a general idea of what to expect down the pipeline.