24 Years old

I was born & raised in Montréal, Quebec. And am currently still living here. I plan to remain in Montreal while trying to expand my freelance design business, and move forward with my musical career. Ambitious & creative.

Graphic & Web Designer

College degree in Graphic & Web Design, and more than 3 years experience in the industry. I have had the chance to put all the skills that I honed in college to good use on-the-job. I also have had the opportunity to learn new ones. 

Guitarist & Bass Music Producer

Long time musician, recently trying my hand at EDM. I have always been a fan of electronic music, but only 3 years ago did I begin producing any. I have immersed myself into the realm of EDM completely, and am excelling in return.

 Chris 'FΛWKZ' Coffin

Chris 'FΛWKZ' Coffin

Graphic & Web Designer / Bass Music Producer

24 year old graduate of PDHT (Publication Design hypermedia Technology) at John Abbott College. I have been working as a Graphic & Web Designer at JAM industries for over 3 years and have amassed a great deal of on-the-job experience all the while, building up a respectable portfolio. I have always been quite artistic and creative, and now I finally have all the skills & experience to properly express it. I have reached a level of ability where I feel I'm now ready to begin marketing my art & designs, and kickstart Seek Often as a brand.

Music is my passion: I have played guitar since I was 12 years old, I also played cello for 5 years in high school. I even taught myself to beat-box, mostly for moments when I had no instrument to produce music, I still could. For the past 3 years, I have delved completely into the realm of production, and have taught myself to mix & master music as well. Basically, I have been up to my ear-balls producing EDM under the alias FΛWKZ.

In short, I make pics, webz & sick wubz.

My Skill set

I’m a particularly well-rounded designer as I have had experience doing a vast collection of projects. With that being said, there are certain software & languages with which I’m much more fluent in using. Here’s a look at my skill set broken down by software.













Word / PowerPoint