Web Design

I’m a skilled & experienced front-end web designer. Fluent in HTML & CSS, I’m extremely confident in my ability to design a website to your exact needs, at an extremely reasonable rate.

Graphic Design

I’m very well-versed in every type of print project. From business cards, stationary and labels, to album artwork, flyers, posters and more. I’m also rather skilled at logo design & illustration.

Recording, Mixing & Mastering

A long-time musician and am incredibly passionate about every last aspect of it. I have been recording music for years, and have recently delved completely into producing & performing.

Welcome to my ePortfolio site. I’m Chris, a 23 year old Graphic & Web Designer by trade, and Musical maniac by passion. Here you will be able to learn a little bit about my history, experience, and abilities.

I have been in the Graphic & Web industry for over 3 years, and after refining my skills and abilities, am ready to market my designs. That’s where this site comes in. There is much more content to come in the near future and likely a blog as well. If you want to stay updated until then, I invite you to follow me on my Facebook page.

I’m absolutely fanatic when it comes to music. I eat, breathe and excrete music. I have been a guitarist for more than 10 years, and for over 3 years, have dedicated most of my free time to learning to produce Electronic Dance Music. I have also taught myself to mix & master music, and although I’m no professional, I get exponentially better with each day.